idea: vncd

Erez Doron erez "at"
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 01:28:47 +0000

one thing that is great about vnc, and will not be if it will
be on a daemon is:
everytime my win95/NT crushes and i reboot, then all my unix
aplications are still running, and i can connect to the same session
with no losses.

if i had used vncd instead, i would have lost everything
i ran erlier to the crash

Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:

> On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
> > Sounds nice but there is a catch. How do you handle multiple instances?
> > How can you distinguish between these various Xservers from the X client
> > point of view? Apart from that one could make a script to handle this if
> > you are willing to give up multple versions of Xvnc.
>         Why should you be restricted to a single session of Xvnc? Use one
> "server" port that all requests for a vnc session come in on. A child
> daemon is then spawned off to handle each request, relocating to another
> port as needed. This should not be all that hard, probably could be
> handled by another program all together on the server side, with a few
> slight modifications (adding an option to support this) on the client
> side.
>         The result as I see it would be this:
>         * User connects to the main server on a single, specified port,
> say 5800.
>         * The main server asks the client for username and password.
>         * Client sends the server this information.
>         * Username / password is verified, and if valid, a Xvnc session
> is started using the next avialable display for that user.
>         * The display number is passed back to the client, and the client
> then switches into normal operation mode (the way it currently works),
> automatically connecting to the given X display number on the remote
> machine.
>         Ok, this is not very detailed, and leaves out encryption of
> passwords for transmission, but still should work. If I have missed
> something, or totally missed the boat, please point it out! :)
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