vncviewer ported to cygwin32

Gabriel N. Klyber gabe "at"
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 23:40:54 +0000

This program is now available by FTP at:

This is a temporary location for it until someone else (ORL?) volunteers to 
put it up for FTP.

I haven't tried it out yet, but it sounds like a great idea.

> VNC is very cool and very useful for remote access, especially on Windows 
> where the lack of some remote windowing protocol like X can be a great 
> annoyance.  However, there is one disadvantage, and that is that the client 
> machine must run vncviewer (Unix or Windows) or a Web browser.  Not much of 
> a problem, since vncviewer is free software, and should be easily portable 
> to any system that has a reasonable version of X.  But what if you have an 
> X terminal you'd like to hook up to your Windows boxes?  You'll need a Unix 
> machine as piggy-in-the-middle, running vncviewer and effectively 
> translating from VNC's protocol to X protocol.  Similarly, what if you have 
> an obscure Unix variant that runs some version of X, but you can't compile 
> vncviewer?  There are a fair few systems that have an X server but may not 
> be trivial to port vncviewer to (eg VMS, the Mac).
> Ok, that's enough justification :-) .  I've compiled the X version of 
> vncviewer with Cygwin32 beta 19 (, which is 
> also GPLed free software. It required compiling sort of "by hand", since 
> xmkmf didn't work properly (not the fault of the VNC people, I should add). 
>  However, the whole process was fairly painless and quite fast.
> You can now run both WinVNC and vncviewer on one machine, and display the 
> results on your Unix box or X terminal without needing any new software at 
> the client end.  I hope somebody will find this useful, and maybe come up 
> with a nice "packaged" solution.  I don't have an FTP site, but if you want 
> the vncviewer.exe binary (and/or the cygwinb19.dll Unix API layer, how I 
> compiled it), feel free to mail me.  Perhaps somebody could put it up for 
> FTP themselves.
> There are bound to be problems - ATM the main one is with the desktop 
> appearing grey until it is redrawn (but that seems to happen also with the 
> Windows viewer).  However, in the long run I don't see why this shouldn't 
> work just as well as running vncviewer at the client end.
> Next step is to get Xvnc to compile using Cygwin32 - since together with 
> the Windows VNC viewer, that would make a free X server for Windows.
> --
> Ed Avis
> epa "at"