VNC Authentication Failure: Unexplainable!

Chris Woods cjwoods "at"
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 20:34:20 +0000


I've been using vnc a bit now, and it has been a boon to my remote
development. I've been using it primarily with the client running on
my NT machine, the server running on my Solaris box. However, I have
recently tried running the server on another NT machine, and running
the client either on my NT station, or on the unix machine. It works
if I leave the "Password" field on the server blank, leaving it open
to all. If I try to configure it to use a password, authentication
fails, universally.

I don't have a capslock key problem, I'm assuming it's case-sensitive, 
etc. -- I've tried all the typical newbie things I could think of.

Any ideas? There's nothing in the FAQ about this either.