problems with vncviewer in linux 2.0.33

Jim Jowski jim "at"
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 19:37:42 +0000

This is my second attempt at trying to get Windows VNC and
vncview under linux to play together.  The windows version
loads fine in Win95 and puts itself at the bottom right
corner of the screen like I think it should.  In linux,
the precompiled binaries are in /usr/local/bin and the java
classes are in /usr/local/vnc/classes and when I start up
'vncviewer windows_machine:0' I get a grey window and a dot
cursor with nothing but a title.  When I tried to use the
broweser to look at 'windows_machine:5800', I get another
blank display.

I'm beginning to get a complex, so is there a kind soul
who has some patience for walking me through this?  I'll
try to keep some good notes and make them available if we
can succeed.