Local Cursor?

Stefan Hudson hudson "at" mbay.net
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 19:22:31 +0000

On Sun, Mar 15, 1998 at 03:19:15PM -0600, Mike Silbersack wrote:
> The idea of furthur data compression (via zlib) is GREAT, as I have found that WinVNC is mildly usable over a 28.8 link 
> already... but there's something else that would make the experience of using VNC more pleasant as well:  A local cursor.  
> I'm sure Xvnc could trap the cursor, and I know the windows client should be able to project a local cursor... does anyone 
> know if the other X clients and JAVA clients could project a local cursor and if the WinVNC server could capture the cursor 
> and make sure it's not shown?

Actually, I prefer it the way it is... seeing the actual remote cursor
makes it easy to tell how lagged you are over the connection.  The local
(client side) cursor points to where you want to go, the remote cursor
shows where the remote machine actually IS.  I don't find it too
confusing to have two cursors.

My experience is only between an NT server and a Unix client... it may
behave differently on other platforms?

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