Xvnc ignores -dpi switch

Chris Barker barker "at" ling.ucsd.edu
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 15:52:38 +0000

I've modified vncserver to give the flag "-dpi 75" (a standard X
server flag that Xvnc claimes to honor) to Xvnc, but xdpyinfo reveals
that the resulting X server always thinks it's running on 100 dpi
hardware.  The practical consequence is that fancy-font programs like
xemacs and Lyx choose fonts that don't fit on my laptop screen.

Conceptually, the Right Thing is for the *vncviewer* to determine dpi,
since only the viewer knows what the hardware it's displaying on is
like.  However, that poses difficult problems: should programs be
expected to reconfigure themselves when you start a new viewer
sessions with a different dpi?  In a shared session, which viewer's
dpi wins?

I would settle either for having the Xvnc flag work, or even just for
Xvnc to grab the dpi of the X server that's running when Xvnc starts,
rather than always choosing 100dpi.

Suggestions for workarounds would be appreciated.

Chris Barker