Hi, tcp-wrappers, article

Quentin Stafford-Fraser quentin "at" orl.co.uk
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 11:25:33 +0000

>There was a (??) ACM(?) IEEE(?) Article about the RFB system
>at olivetti about a year ago.  Does anyone have the reference?

The most recent article was in the Jan/Feb 98 edition of IEEE Internet
Computing (Vol 2 no 1), and we'll try and make at least an early version
available from the web site soon.

There was also an article in Computer, Vol 30 no 2, Feb 1997 entitled
"Global Teleporting with Java: Towards Ubiquitous Personalized Computing".
A version of this is available form our web site as tech report 96.2.



Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser
The Olivetti & Oracle Research Lab