WinVNC - Arguments (was Re: WinVNC Auto Install....)

Patrick Wong pwong "at"
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 21:52:39 +0000

What do you mean "as a service (installed with SRVANY from the Resource
Are you running the WinVNC on a NT Server machine or NT Workstation? or
Does it have any difference? 
Can some one fill me in on this?

Other question, is the Ctrl-Alt-Del, I search the mailing list archive,
there was an post stated that if the WinVNC is running as NT service,
then the viewer can send "Ctrl-Alt-Del" to the VNC server. Would someone
comment on this one? Is this possible and how to have it work.

Somebody feel free to spawn a new thread if my two questions may get
into very deep and long decision.

dave w capella wrote:
> >1. Which arguments are accepted by WinVNC? In particular, is there any way to
> >eliminate the icon in the tray?
> now that i run it as a service (installed with SRVANY from the Resource Kit),
> there is no longer any icon.
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