Xvnc port to windows ?

Andreas Jellinghaus aj "at" dungeon.inka.de
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 16:48:03 +0000

Did someone consider an Xvnc port to windows 95/nt ?
yes, this would make vncviewer+Xvnc a replacement for X servers running
under windows.

my reason to ask is :
 - to be secure, i must run one Xvnc for everyone who want's to connect
   to my linux server. and i could move the load of a server away from
   my machine to the client.
 - i do not consider the network between the win* and the linux machine
   secure. i don't know how good vnc and X are, but ssh can tunnel the X
   protocoll, so this should be secure.
btw: what about an option for Xvnc to use the password from
/etc/password (or shadow, or even better pam) instead of maintaining
it's own password list.