Fwd:Re: [Fwd: Vncviewer problem with RedHat 5.0(i386)]

Robert DAWSON rdawson "at" ords.co.nz
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 01:15:34 +0000

>Derek R. Pizzagoni wrote:
>So has anyone tried running the NT vncserver as a service using SRVANY
>from the resource kit? Sounds like it wouldn't work, but you gotta be
>Is there any way to boot NT, bypass the login screen, and bring up a
>user desktop automatically?

Yes, actually, there is - you can edit the registry and add a couple of settings
that i saw on the MS website the other day - I forget off the top of my head,
but something like AutoAdminLogon or something - and that automatically logs in
as the person specified with the password specified...

>> On Thu, 5 Mar 1998, Derek R. Pizzagoni wrote:
>> > If this is the problem, how can I tell my Windows NT vncserver to run >> >
at 8 bpp?  (I've tried setting it to 16 colors in the display control
>> > panel, but the lowest it goes is 256).

256 colours *is* 8 bpp. 8 bits = 0000 0000 in binary - 11111111 = 255 or so

16 bpp is 65536 colours, 24 bit is "millions of colours" - you wanna know, count
it yourself - I run out of fingers and toes :-)

ok, ok - 2 ^ 24 then :-)