DOS apps under VNC

Joseph H. Blankenship joey.blankenship "at"
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 20:34:28 +0000

I tried that.  That seems to efftect how well teh screen gets updated.  But
for me, it has no effect on the keystrokes.

At 02:07 PM 3/9/98 -0600, Yuxin Ruan wrote:
>The first one is indeed a FAQ by now;)
>Just goto your server setup and select Poll Console Windows Only.(right
>click on the VNC icon on the taskbar, if your server runs on Win)
>p.s. On the Windows side, I can select Console Polling only after select
>Polling Window Under Cursor, does anyone know why?
>  Yuxin
>On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, Joseph H. Blankenship wrote:
>> This may be a FAQ, but here goes.  When running VNC server on a Win95
>> machine and starting a DOS box, I can't get any keyboard input to go into
>> the DOS box.  Windows apps seem to work fine.  Any ideas?
>> Also, is there a way to have all keystrokes sent to the server?  It would
>> be nice to send Alt-Tab and Print Screen.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Joey.