java quit working

dave w capella dave.capella "at"
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 01:39:38 +0000

Hi All,

After using VNC successfully for quite some time, I wished to show it to
a colleague, only to find that I couldn't connect to my usual Linux box.
I killed the server, relaunched, and all was well - except:
now I can't connect to any VNC server using a web browser. 

I had been using the viewer exclusively all week to access my windows 
boxes, so don't know if it's a new problem with them. I tried various
browsers on various machines running various platforms trying to connect
to various other servers: no go.

When I try to connect to my Linux server, Internet Explorer 
prints: RFB 003.003 and Netscape pops up a dialog box: 
"Unknown status reply from server: 3!"

I removed all traces of VNC, and reinstalled, but get the same results.
I use no options when launching vncserver.

I'm bummed; I've been having a lot of fun with this (as well as saving
a lot of steps). The java portion is a truly valuable piece. (for me)

Thanks in advance,
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