X viewer speed

James [Wez] Weatherall jnw "at" orl.co.uk
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 15:56:28 +0000

On 8 Mar 1998, David A Vincent wrote:

> I found the non-working right shift, after a short period of thinking
> I was going insane.  My right shift key does nothing, rather than
> producing circumflexes, but I expect this is because my computers are
> in Australia and Cedric's are in France.  I used the xkeycaps utility
> to try and circumvent the problem by assigning the Shift_L KeySym to
> my keyboard's right shift key.  This seems to work, although at the
> cost of my X terminal no longer having a right shift key in the usual
> place.  Happily I do not use any X applications that depend on this.

This is a known bug present in pre-Release 9 versions of WinVNC.  It has
been fixed in Release 9, which should be available from the VNC web-page


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