X viewer speed

Cedric Maion Cedric.Maion "at" insa-lyon.fr
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 23:41:28 +0000


I'm playing for the first time with vnc, and I find it very very
interesting. Thanks a lot for your good job (and free software), 
ORL folks.

What I wanted to know was if you already optimized vnc* for speed
(especially the X viewer).
I compared on the same box the X and the Win32 viewer, and the speed
difference is quite impressive (Windows 95 OSR2 against XFree86 3.3.1/
Red Hat Linux 5.0, using an ATI XPert "at" Play).
The Windows viewer is clearly far quicker than the X one on my box...
My Windows video card driver is probably one of the cause, but I'm not 
sure it explains such a difference.
Do you have hints, or informations regarding the X viewer ? 

I also compared the speed when connecting from a Linux box to another Linux
box, first using xdm and then vnc. I understand that because X is an higher
level protocol than vnc, it should be quicker. Using a pure X solution gives 
indeed far better results :-) (over a LAN).


	Cedric Maion
Cedric Maion <Cedric.Maion "at" insa-lyon.fr>