Strange Hangs on VNC for Win-95

John C. Hayward John.C.Hayward "at"
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 22:40:41 +0000

Dear VNCers,
   I have observed the following strange behavior of Win-32 server on
Win-95 machine connected by both Unix client (NetBSD) and Win-32 clients
   The sequence goes something like this:
connect by normal method
Open up access-2.0 (note a 16 bit application)
Enter password for access
Open up database on a Novell Network
Attempt to open up a table attached via ODBC

Hour glass appears (machine working hard)
While this is happening moving the mouse results in only the dot moving
on the client.
The arrow appears on the server but appears frozen.

Once the machine is in this state there are two ways I seem to be able to 
1) If I move the mouse on the server then the mouse starts flying around
to the places it had been directed to by the client since the hour glass

2) If I close the client then move over to the server the server seems to
go into a black screen, disk whir, screen back on cycle.  If it is doing
that I can on each cycle move the mouse down to the vnc icon on the start
menu, click the properties on the icon, close remote connections and
things revert to "normal".

Anyone else see this kind of behavior?  Is it because Access-2.0 is a 16
bit application?  It seems that the problem is that the server misses some
mouse movement from the client because of the heavy activity of the
16 bit application and that moving the mouse on the server triggers some
activity that the server can now respond to the pending requests from the

Any pointers would be appreciated.