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Tristan Richardson tjr "at"
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 19:16:49 +0000

> > What a great hack! However... 
> > 
> > Attempting to run Sun Net Manager version 2.2.2 on a Sparc-5 running
> > Solaris 2.6 under vnc yields the following (fatal) errors: 
> > 
> > Error: Can not allocate a read/write cms from a static visual
> > Error: NULL pointer passed to xv_set
> Does Sun Net Manager require a certain way of screen control? Like it will
> only work on 8 bit screens where your Xvnc may be running 16 bpp?

By default, vncserver will start Xvnc with the same depth as the current X
display, if there is one, or 8 bits deep if there isn't.  We've tried to steer
clear of colour maps as much as possible and normally use "true colour", even
when there are only 8 bits per pixel.

Unfortunately some X applications don't cope too well with an 8 bit TrueColor
visual - this sounds like one of them.  You can make Xvnc use the more normal
PseudoColor visual by giving a "-cc 3" option to vncserver.  This should
basically work, but there are some known problems (e.g. sharing such a desktop
doesn't work properly).  The other thing to do is try using a "-depth 16" or
even "-depth 24" option to see if that makes things better.



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