trouble running vncserver under Linux

Patrick Kursawe kursawe "at"
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 08:29:08 +0000

> # tabatha:/usr/local/bin/vnc# vncserver
> # Number found where operator expected at (eval 38) line 1, near ") 0"
> # (Missing operator before 0?)

This happens on my machine aswell and is no reason to worry. You can
ignore this.

Your problem is something completely different. The vanilla vncserver for
unix can't deal with packed fonts (which you have with SuSE 5.0). The
solution is to apply some newer patches or to

- start a font server (xfs)
- change the vncserver script:
  somewhere around line 110 you find "# Now start the X VNC Server"
  change the following line to
  $cmd = "Xvnc -fp tcp/localhost:7100 :$displayNumber";

or you could unpack all fonts, which I can not recommend.

Bye, Patrick

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