porting VNC viewer to PalmPilot: some open questions...

Vladimir Minenko minenko "at" ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 01:42:10 +0000

Kenneth Albanowski wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Mar 1998, Vladimir Minenko wrote:
> > #define BUFFER_SIZE (640*480)
> > static char buffer[BUFFER_SIZE];
> >
> > Unfortunately, it is impossible to have such a buffer on Pilot. I don't know what
> > the PalmOS 3.0 will have (will be released on Monday) but current PalmOS 2.0.x
> > has following restrictions: not more than 4k stack, not more than 32k heap,
> > not more than 64k static global or local data.
> Actually, that's the restriction on a contiguous block. There is nothing
> to stop you from allocating a number of large blocks, and adapting the
> code to use them as if they were a linear array.

You are right. But an additional reason why I was asking how to make the buffer
smaller is that I'd like to have a viewer that does not require min 310K free
memory, if the platform has 1M at all. Most users have max 200K free.

> > What I'm thinking about is a viewable area of 160x160 (full Pilot screen),
> > 1 or 4 bit depth with panning virtual desktop of the actual resolution on
> > the server. Due to this Pilot will receive only a 160x160 initial portion
> > of the screen and request further small updates if the user pan around in
> > the desktop.
> Yes, that also seems feasible, although the utility of the 2-bit grey
> (it's not 4-bit, unfortunately)

Oh, yes! I was thiking about 4 colors as I wrote this... Sorry...

> is debatable.

Why? Let's hope that it will still be possible to set Pilot in the grey mode under
PalmOS 3.0, though the official SDK does not provide any APIs.