Demo web pages - tarantella approach

James B. MacLean macleajb "at" Trademart-1.EDnet.NS.CA
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 19:31:17 +0000

On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

> > Tarantella chooses to send out one application to the Browser/Viewer as
> > apposed to the whole X session. Is this being considered at all for VNC?
> > This approach I expect also matches the CitRix Win/NT solution?
> This facility already exists in the X11R6.3 code - its also done better
> than citrix - It sends LBX sessions including CMW partitioning via
> XSecurity to either embed in the browser or around it. 
> You can get X servers with this facility "Broadway" for windows from
> a couple of vendors (netmanage for one)

As always, I spoke without getting a proper definition of what/why I was
saying, or possibly not appreciating the suggested solutions :(. Sorry
folks, I will expand a bit more.

My interests lie in the low resource consumption (i.e. interest in running
it on Xt's being talked about). Here we have Win95 boxes running at least
3 high resource pig applications, one being NetScape. If a user has to
start up an Xserver too... Well, that's just not been proven to work at
all (tried eXcursion, HummingBird, Xwin32, etc..) and it requires users to
get comfortable with yet another layer of application. VNC is slick
because I can click on an ICON and start up a connection to a
Linux/AIX/win95 box very quickly.

Now, after having seen Tarantella send only 1 application to a browser,
and the CitRix that I saw demo, send just a requested application from a
netscape menu, I was just considering the same benefits of a user having
an icon/Start_menu_option that would bring up a VNC window of only one
remote unix app, and not the/a whole X session. Not necessarily in
NetScape although that is a killer benefit of VNC. Maybe they would _own_
and X session, but only be given apps from it?

Again, it's just that the connect request would initiate a session that is
a window with only the application in it, and not the entire X server... 

I did not realize that the newer Xservers are doing this, but can I run
anything on a Win95 box that takes less resources that the wonderfull VNC?

Just a thought :),
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