svgalib port of vncviewer ganesh "at"
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 12:21:10 +0000

If svnc doesn't work for you, please send me a detailed description of 
your setup : Linux version, distribution, svgalib version, and graphics card,
server options, and client options. 
I don't have access to too many graphics cards. This is my config :
P-100, RH 5.0, svgalib 1.2.13, Cirrus Logic 5430/40. I've tried 320x200x256,
640x480x256, 640x480x64K, 800x600x64K and a few others and they all work fine.

xmkmf is part of the XFree86-devel rpm. If you don't have xmkmf, try 
make directly (or edit the Makefile included to suit your site).

							-- ganesh