7 char passwords in WinVNC

Miles Lott milos "at" insync.net
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 02:42:00 +0000

My theory is that the last character typed becomes the 7th character.  
I have not tested that.

On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, Jeremy Bettis wrote:

> I noticed that passwords are limited to 7 characters in WinVNC Release 7.
> Is there some reason for this or is it a bug?
> When I typed in a longer password, it was accepted by the Server properties,
> but then the client could not authenticate.  As I shortened the password to
> the first 7 characters in the client, suddenly it could log in.
> I don't mind having a limit on the size of passwords, but only if the client
> ignores extra characters in the password.

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