svgalib port of vncviewer

Karl Hakimian hakimian "at"
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 22:49:49 +0000

> 	Attached is a snapshot of a port of vncviewer to svgalib. It's not
> complete, but fairly usable. Here's the README :

I got it to compile just fine. I could not, however, get it to run. When
connecting to an Xvnc on another machine, read failed with errno set to
25 (not a tty). If I tried to connect to an Xvnc on the same machine, I
got a broken pipe from the read.

This happened after quite a bit of the set was done. It had already
determined the size of the screen. Got the mouse. Blanked the screen and
started drawing.

Karl Hakimian
hakimian "at"