HP compile problems

Sean McGrath sean "at" hdl.ie
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 09:59:28 +0000

!- I have been working on compiling vnc on the HPs. So far I have succeeded
!- with vncviewer, and I have made quite a bit of progress towered getting
!- the server to compile as well.
!- libvncauth did not compile out of the box. The file d3des.c in
!- libvncauth does not compile under the HP compiler. The problem seems to
!- be on HPs side. The good news is it compiles just fine under gcc.
   hmm have HPUX 9.0.5 here. (gcc i know)
    libvncauth/vncauth.c - had to rename [s]random to [s]rand,
    vncviewer/x.c        - had to use sleep instead of usleep,
                           shouldn't matter since usleep was sleeping for secs
    d3des.c - no probs (using gcc)
!- The server is a bit bigger of a problem. After adding appropriately
!- edited config files for the hps, I have managed to get all the code to
!- compile, but I get the following error when trying to link.

  can I ask for your hp.[cf|Rules|Tmpl] ?  have been hacking mine,
  and bombs out somewhere along compiling the server code - nowhere near
  the link.
!- /usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
!-    XTestJumpPointer (code)
!-    XTestGetPointerPos (code)
!-    XTestGenerateEvent (code)
!- The file Xvnc/programs/Xserver/Xext/xtest1.frags tells me to implement
!- these and checkout server/ddx/hp/hp/x_hil.c for details. I have located
!- the appropriate files in the X11R6.3 release but I don't understand what
!- I'm trying to do well enough to finish the job. Any pointers would be
!- greatly appreciated.
!- -- 
!- Karl Hakimian
!- hakimian "at" aha.com

sean "at" hdl.ie