Problem with Win-32 server - Access-2.0 password

John C. Hayward John.C.Hayward "at"
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 03:59:10 +0000

Dear VNCers,
   First let me say I think this application has a lot of potential -
Thanks to the group who set it up and made it free.

   I have set up Win-32 server running on Win-95 with the latest patch
revision (2??).  I am accessing it via a NetBSD client which compiled out
of the box.

   I have had trouble with getting this combination correctly
authenticating when using Access-2.0 which is part of work group.
When starting Access I see the dialogue box asking for user and password.
If I type in the user and password remotely I always get an error message
indicating user or password is wrong.  If however I type in user name
remotely and then type password locally it logs in just fine.  The
password is echoed as stars and I see the correct number of stars on
both the remote and local screens.  The password contains both upper and
lower case letters.

   I have been able to login to Novell remotely with a dialogue
box which contains star echoed passwords.

   Any suggestions on what may be wrong?