Problems compiling on Linux Alpha (RedHat 5.0)

Tristan Richardson tjr "at"
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 19:40:59 +0000

> > I tried to compile VNC on my Alpha system with Linux but found there is
> > something broken in the sources which does not break down on the Intel
> > machines.
> > I am just wondering why the Alpha uses -DPSZ=8 and the Intel machines
> > -DPSZ=32
> Taken this a bit further it seems the Imakefile does read the pixelsize
> variable from some file and uses that. But I don't have a clue where it is
> set but it seems to be a standard variable within the X11 development
> stuff.

When the X server builds it compiles the same code ("cfb") 3 times, once
each for 8, 16 and 32 bit pixels.  It looks like the Alpha build is failing on
the first stage with PSZ=8, though I've no idea why.

> Furthermore I like to mention that VNC is not clean as I have seen several
> warning indication unclean code (it may work on 32 bit systems and will
> propably die on 64 bit systems).
> I assume that cleaning up the current code to be 64 bit clean is something
> that needs to be done.

Most of the code in Xvnc is standard X server code.  It all builds perfectly
for Digital Unix 3.2 on the Alpha, so it ought to be 64-bit clean.



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