Java viewers on Macs and W3.1

Geoff Gibbs ggibbs "at"
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 14:46:26 +0000

Our interest in vnc is to provide access to X programs
on as wide a range of platforms as possible, where
we have no control over the desk top machine. In this
situation the Java version of the viewer looks most

We have had success with Windows 95 and NT using Netscape
and IE.

We have had less success with Windows 3.1 and Macs using
Netscape. In fact, we have had little success with 3.1
running Java applets in NS 3.01b or 4.04. Apart from
being v. slow, it never gets to run most applets
we have tried.

Older Macs seem to struggle with Java, although we have
been able to run some applets on newer Macs. I tried
the viewer on a Power Mac with 96MB of memory, using
Netscape. It is able to connect to a session and display
it, but when I start to pull up a menu with the mouse
Netscape crashes. It is fairly reproducable. The owner
of the Mac was unwilling to install IE...

Have others had success/problems with these platforms?

Geoff Gibbs

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