how to compile on an SGI

Parag Batavia parag "at"
Sun, 01 Mar 1998 20:07:39 +0000

I used Markus Wild's explanation to compile VNC on my SGI O2 (Irix 6.6.3).
Here are fleshed out instructions, with thanks to Markus for the initial

Step 1:
 You need to copy the proper sgi Imake configuration files into Xvnc/config:
  cd Xvnc/Xvnc/config
  cp /usr/lib/X11/config/sgi* .

Step 2:
 Edit the file, and add the following after the line containing
"#define RenameXlibFofXKB"
   #define BuildPex	NO
   #define XvncServer	YES

Step 3:
  run vncxmkmf, which is in Xvnc/Xvnc.

Step 4:
  Go to the top level, and type 'xmkmf', then 'make world'. The compiler
will chug along for a while. Now, on     my setup, there was a problem when
it got to Xvnc/programs/Xserver/cfb[16/32]. The make file is supposed to
create symlinks to source and header files in Xserver/cfg, but it doesn't
link the header files properly. As the compiler complains about each
header, I just typed 'make <headername>' (from either Xserver/cvfb16 or
Xserver/cfb32). You'll have to do this (I think) 4 times in each directory.
This seems to be a makefile bug. After that, it'll continue making, and it
should work. 

I didn't have to mess w/ font settings, or anything like that. Except for
the above, vnc compiled straightaway.

Good luck...

Parag Batavia