Can't run apps on virtual server....

Wayne Flagg wflagg "at"
Sun, 01 Mar 1998 17:50:42 +0000

I had this symptom - it was caused by a line like pepper
in my hosts file (pepper is dual home, runs linux masquerading kernel)
and hosts is used before dns. The outside interface is a dynamic addr
(an isdn link to my isp running ppp). I changed the internal address
line in hosts to,	pepper
where that's the address on the inside interface. Then vncserver and
its friends start, all is well. I have now a server on the linux box
and the laptop beside it - each displays the other (using the win
client on the laptop and the java client in a browser on the linux

Someone else asked about how to setup a font server. run

    /usr/local/X11/xfs -config /usr/local/etc/fonts.cfg -port 7100
There's a man page for xfs that explains font config file syntax.
Someone else on this list explained how to edit vnc's server startup
script to use a font server to obviate font decompression.

hope that helps,


Mazurka wrote:

>o, it's not a standard IP error.  I can run Xapplications,
>telnet, ftp, etc to it (send and receive) from machines
>both inside and outside of its gateway to the default:0 display.
>The DNS server is fine, its gateway is fine.  The port
>configurations are correct I believe.  If you're talking
>about something obscure, please explain more.