WindowsNT server hangs

Joshua Bloom jsb "at"
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 20:52:38 +0000

Dear VNCers help people,

	I am excited about the prospect of using VNC for my work. However,
I have encountered a serious hang problem that occurs at seemingly random
times in accessing programs and files. I have the latest version of the
vncserver installed on my WindowsNT (I am the only user, and therefore,
administrator) and the same on my Solaris machine.  When using vncviewer on
the Solaris I can log in just fine but eventually everything hangs (again,
for no apparent reason).  The cursor dot (I assume that it is a local
construct) still follows my mouse movements on the Solaris but the cursor
is not updated on either the Solaris nor the PC.  Further, any mouse or
keyboard action on the PC (at that terminal) also freezes.  
C+A+D does nothing and the only recourse is to reboot the PC.

	Can someone offer some guidance?

Thanks in advance,


Caltech Astronomy
Pasadena, CA

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