getting past screensaver password

Roger Felts rfelts "at"
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 16:42:10 +0000

You * can't * leave an NT box un-passworded, if you mean not being 
prompted for same.  If you are using the Java applet, there is a button 
for C-A-D, so I assume you are using the stand-alone.  Under Windows, 
"Send C-A-D" is an option from the control menu (all the way to the 
left of the title bar.)  I believe the location is similar under the 
other clients, but I will let those who have actually used them <g> 

On Friday, July 31, 1998 9:18 AM, Jon D. Slater wrote:

> I've installed VNC on my NT4.0 box and it works GREAT!!
> One thing I've noticed.  My NT box has a screensaver with password. 
 If the
> screensaver activates, my remote viewer never gives me a password 
> How do I get past this?  I don't even get an option to send 
> I really don't want to leave my NT machine un-passworded.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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