A request on WinVNC

Yoshifumi R. Shimizu shimizu "at" phys.kyushu-u.ac.jp
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 06:58:58 +0000

Hi!  I am a person who started this subject.  There are some opinions
about this request on how to arbitrate the remote and local users of NT
console.  It is certainly very nice that if such functionality is
implemented as Jon Espenschied wrote:

>computer systems such as our company library.  The desired functionality
>would be:
>- if no remote connection, then the console is available.
>- if the console is inactive for X minutes, the server accepts remote
>- admin configures whether a switch from console to remote connection ends
>the current user session (depends on environment, whether you fear
>- if a remote connection is active, the console kb/mouse are ignored and
>the console screen displays a message that the system is in use. =20
>BUT, the big idea I had can be implemented without the previous ones:
>- during a remote session, other requested sessions are informed in a
>friendly message that the system is in use.  If this is user-configurable,
>i.e. a static, admin-editable html page is returned to the 2nd-Nth session
>requester, ***** then one can configure a cascade of referrals to other
>VNC-enabled systems so that a user gets the next available system. *****

Ok.  This is really ambitious request to achieve.  Mine is much modest.
Because of the present specification of NT, it might not be so easy to
impliment an interface which is democratic for both local and remote users.
So, at least, I think that the local user should be respected, i.e. if
there is a local user, the connection from the remote machine should be
refused.  I would like to have such a interface eagerly and quickly.
This is because some poeple strongly oppose to install VNC, who are main
NT users using local terminal, though I want it strongly.  They said that
thay don't want to be sneaked when they are working on the terminal,
even though there might not be bad guys inside us, who erase everythings.
Of course, in my modest request the remote user would be sneaked.  But
that's up to the users; if one does not want to be sneaked then just
use NT on local terminal.  I would be satified even though no democracy
between local and remote users exist.  I'm trying to persuade them by
making "a gentleman's agreement", but it seems to be difficult now.

How do you think, orl developpers?  I didn't hear from you.  Is it very
difficult to realize?

Regards,                     YRS

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