Mac memory leak with VM

Tim Senecal tsenecal "at"
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 22:39:25 +0000

At 03:05 PM 7/30/98 EDT, Michael Richman wrote:
>I turned on Virtual Memory, and my computer is still exhibiting
>the same symptoms (clicking between VNCviewer and the Finder
>several times increases the System Software allocation).
>The amount is roughly 481 K per click.
>I haven't tried a version of Open Transport newer than 1.1.2 -
>that will have to wait until I update my system from 7.6.1 to
>something newer (I'm holding out for 8.5).
>Michael Richman
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I have been monitoring this thread closely, because we use quite a few Macs
here that I would like to replace their X terminal software with VNC.  Some
are using system 7.6.1, some are using 8.1.  None are exhibiting this large
memory leak.

sample machines are:
PowerComputing PowerCenter 150 w/16mb ram, using VM to get 48mb.  Using
7.6.1 with OT 1.1.2 over ethernet (10bt).  System heap at start: 11,921k
System heap after several HOURS of using the VNC client, including the
switching between apps as defined above: 11,949k

PowerMac G3/266 with 160mb ram, no VM, running system 8.1, and OT 1.3 over
10bt ether
system heap stays at 16.7mb.

I would start looking at other system extensions you have enabled....

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