inetd and ssh for VNC???

Stuart Henderson stuart "at"
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 16:47:40 +0000

> 1. Is it possible to wrapper VNC through inetd? - I have 
>    /etc/hosts.allow, and hosts.deny set up to allow only the machines I 
>    want to connect to my unix box set up - but it seems that anyone is 
>    allowed to access the vnc ports - is there any way I can stop just 
>    anyone on the network accessing vnc when I'm running it?

you can't run VNC directly from inetd because it uses sockets (inetd
would want you to use stdin/out), but there is a possibility. try
using netcat (or maybe ssh) from inetd to forward the connection. if
it works then hack VNC source to bind VNC to localhost instead of all
ports (look for bind(...) calls and modify as necessary).

not very pretty, but it might just work...

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