VNC under HP-UX problems: core dump / IP address only

Guenter Steinbach guenter "at"
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 00:32:02 +0000

Hello All:

I downloaded the HP-UX binary distribution from

Problem 1:
When I start vncserver, I get a coredump message, but then it starts
anyway.  Using trace, it looks like perl cannot find
/opt/perl5/lib/site_perl/PA-RISC1.1/sys/, and in fact there
isn't even a sys directory in that tree.  So what gives?  I use perl for
all my tools, but haven't ever done socket programming with it.  My
perl5 distribution is from the HP-UX porting archives, and I haven't
found anything wrong with it.

Problem 2:
>From my PC (NT4sp3) I cannot connect to my workstation by name, only by
its IP address - why not?  I can access its Samba shares by name, so why
not the VNC server.

And lastly (and maybe connected to the socket issue?), the connection
from an NT server to an HP-UX viewer is unusably slow.  That can't be
normal or I would hear so many people sing VNC's praise on this mailing
list.  I have a 200MHZ Pentium-II, so server horse power shouldn't be
the issue.  And yet, the vncwiewer cannot even keep up with my typing in
a Vim window, and tha java viewer is ridiculous, it takes several
minutes to paint the screen, over a LAN connection.

Thanks for your help.
        Guenter Steinbach,  Arithmos Inc.,     guenter "at"

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