A request on WinVNC

Titus 'Jim Beam' Chiu titus "at" phillip.forest.nsw.gov.au
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 00:42:39 +0000

> Yoshifumi R. Shimizu wrote:
> > Isn't it possible to change the behaviour of the WinVNC server in such
> > a way that it refuses the connection if someone is already login and
> > occupys the NT's main console?   If there is a way to judge that some
> Even more, as the server has an option to disable the remote keyboard and
> mouse, why not on the other way ???:
> to remotely disable de local (server) keyboard and mouse. And what about
> blanking the server screen while in use?. In this way you are sure no one
> can interferes with your remote session and cannot look at what are u
> doing.

remotely disabling the console has some serious DoS implications.


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