A request on WinVNC

Jon Espenschied jon.espenschied "at" attws.com
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 20:21:13 +0000

At 02:51 PM 7/28/98 +0100, Diego Sierra wrote:
>Even more, as the server has an option to disable the remote keyboard and
>mouse, why not on the other way ???:
>to remotely disable de local (server) keyboard and mouse. And what about
>blanking the server screen while in use?. In this way you are sure no one

This would be especially handy for deploying VNC on multiple public
computer systems such as our company library.  The desired functionality
would be:

- if no remote connection, then the console is available.
- if the console is inactive for X minutes, the server accepts remote
- admin configures whether a switch from console to remote connection ends
the current user session (depends on environment, whether you fear
- if a remote connection is active, the console kb/mouse are ignored and
the console screen displays a message that the system is in use. =20

BUT, the big idea I had can be implemented without the previous ones:

- during a remote session, other requested sessions are informed in a
friendly message that the system is in use.  If this is user-configurable,
i.e. a static, admin-editable html page is returned to the 2nd-Nth session
requester, ***** then one can configure a cascade of referrals to other
VNC-enabled systems so that a user gets the next available system. *****


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