A request on WinVNC

Yoshifumi R. Shimizu shimizu "at" phys.kyushu-u.ac.jp
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 12:34:12 +0000

Hi!   I have just tried the VNC and found it's great!  In our place
(Kyushu university, Fukukoka, Japan) we are using UNIX machines and
NT workstations, as usual.  Main purpose for using VNC for me is to
use NT from UNIX.  I know that it is not very much recommended, but
there are some applications which only works fine on NT.

As I said, it works very nicely, but there is one thing I would like
to request.  I am using WinVNC as a server.  If no one is using the
NT machine, it's fine.  Other can login the machine and use it as if
just in front of that NT machine.  But if a person is using the machine,
it's a disaster.  Some others can see and do anytings on this person's
session!  Even one can, from outside, erase all important files of the
other person who is currently using the NT machine as a usual user
on the NT console!

Isn't it possible to change the behaviour of the WinVNC server in such
a way that it refuses the connection if someone is already login and
occupys the NT's main console?   If there is a way to judge that some
one is using the main NT console (I'm not sure there is such a concept
on NT's), then it is not so difficult to refuse the connections.  Such
a functionality might be better to be select on installing it as a
service, and can be changed as one of settings.  I hope this could be
done in near future if it's possible.

Best regards,              Y.R.Shimizu

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