More on "VNC works *only* when also connected to internet"

Jon Sundquist jsundqui "at"
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 04:44:51 +0000

Some more interesting behavior to follow up on my previous request for
help.  I reproducibly can start a vnc viewer session on my windows
machine when the linux machine has  already connected it self to the
internet.  So I have this set up:

         Windows box         Linux Box
         -----------         ---------
LAN <--> Ethernet card         Modem    <---> ISP
              +                  +       ppp
         Serial port  <---> Serial Port

(note, the modem is on cua1 and the null modem cable is on ttyS0, aka
COM2 and COM1, respectively)

If I start the internet connection first, then I can start VNC.  I
thought maybe I'd just start it, and then kill the internet connection,
and maybe it would still work.  Nope.  Vncviewer died (got blank sceen,
the color of my "xsetroot -solid" in xstartup) with either killing the
connection to my ISP or even if I just pulled the phone plug (hey I was
trying everything).  Again, no such limitations occur when I access the
linux box through a PC X-server.

I don't know if this adds any more info or not, but I'd really like to
run vnc rather than the X server.  It is much faster (the X server is
too slow to really be usable), and lets me run fvwm!

Jon Sundquist

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