VNC as NT service acts funny

Joel A. joel "at"
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 20:03:41 +0000


I installed the VNC server on a NT4/SP3 machine, when I connect with a
client to that machine, it connects ok, and displays ok, but constantly
generates an error box. The Window is titled  "wt_log.exe DLL Initialization
Failed" and the message is "Initialization of the dynamic library
C:\Program Files\ORL\VNC\VNCHooks.dll failed. The process is terminating
abnormally". It appears that there is some conflict with the WebTrends
service, as if I run VNC as a service, but WT turned off, I don't get this
error, or if I keep WT as a service, but run VNC as a program as an app it
works fine. Howerver, I really would be to run them both as services. Does
anyone has suggestions? Or is this a known bug? Anyone havining similar

Thank you

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