winvnc 3.3.2 vs winvnc 3.3.2r2

Roger Felts rfelts "at"
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 03:45:25 +0000

If you are referring to the r1, please do.  I have tentatively confirmed a 
memory leak by uninstalling VNC as a service (don't need it on this box 
until I get the damn.  Unfortunately, I have another app on this box which 
I *know* has a leak, but that the roomies insist on running ( SmartTV 
<snicker> on a Gateway Destination ) so keeping them off it long enough to 
run the problem to ground taking into account my schedule is going to be a 

Has anyone else seen a leak or illegal op error on OSR2?

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From:	Titus 'Jim Beam' Chiu [SMTP:titus "at"]
Sent:	Sunday, July 26, 1998 7:33 PM

yes, i did use the -remove  flag to remove it. I have since reinstalled 
(r1) and i can connect as soon as the login prompt appears again.


ps, i can send you 3.3.2 if you like, i have the win32 and sol binaries.

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