winvnc 3.3.2 vs winvnc 3.3.2r2

Roger Felts rfelts "at"
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 15:23:37 +0000

I have had a problem with stability under Win95 with the new release.  I 
have noted a memory leak I had not before, and twice now It has crashed 
with an illegal instruction.  Is there an archive on the web site from 
which I can d/l the older version to see if I just wasn't being observant 
enough before?  Then maybe next weekend I can t-shoot what's happening with 
the new release.

As to the problem below, had you -removed and uninstalled the old version 
before installing the new?  You might try that in any case.

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Hi there.. I'm a new subscriber of vnc.. i downloaded and installed
3.3.2 not too long ago.. and hit the 8bit colour problem. 3.3.2r2
fixed this, but has bought a new problem. With 3.3.2 running as a service
under Win95(B), I was able to boot the machine up, and as soon as the
login prompt appears, connect using vncviewer remotely. With 3.3.2r2,
this behavior seems to have changed. I cannot connect remotely until
I login on the console. However, if I logout subsequently, I can disconnect
and connect using vncviewer at the login prompt. Has anyone else noticed
this behavior? Is is correct? (I hope not). I also experienced the
"appearing tray icon" when installing as per reported by others, but the
tray icon disappeared for me when rebooted.


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