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Macintosh VNC Viewer Beta Response Form

It would help imeasurably if, after encountering a problem with this
software, you filled out this form and included it with your email. It will
help us work out what's going on and speed up our response time.

Send this form and any other comments/ queries to the VNC mailing list.
Details can be found on http://www.orl.co.uk/vnc/intouch.html

It is infinitely preferable to send this form to the mailing list rather
than the developers directly as then your problem will be pondered by a
much larger group of people, some of whom may well have experienced your
problem before.

The Setup

This problem occured on a [PPC 7300/180]
I have [ 32]MB of real memory.
Virtual Memory is: [On] giving me a total of [33]MB of memory
My processor is a [604e] running at [180]MHz
I have kept my finger on the cmd button when running the app. I have
enabled logging and have attached copies of default.log and VNCViewer.txt
to this email. [No]
I am connecting to a [Win95] running a VNC server of version [321]
I am using a [LAN] going at [128]kps
My screen depth is [    ], the screen size is [       ] and I have [
]MB of display memory.
I am using [OpenTransport] version number [     ]
I am using VNC Viewer version [Beta 1]
I have saved a description of my configuration via the "Save Set as Text.."
option of the Extension Manager Control Panel and have attached it to this
email [No]

The Problem

I get an Alert dialog box saying [

A MacsBug break was caused [No].
	I have appended a copy of StdLog to this email [No]
I got a Bomb Alert [No]
I got a white box in the middle if the screen with a > symbol in it [No]

Mac viewer client doesn't show DOS display from Win95 server.
Mouse cursor shadows as moved.

(Now, please describe the steps required to reproduce the problem. Include
details of the programs running when this problem occured)

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