inetd and ssh for VNC???

Stephen P. Wilson s.wilson "at"
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 12:11:13 +0000


Forgive me if these questions seems kind of vague - but I'm not 100%
sure that I know what I'm talking about... ;)

FYI, I'm running the vnc server on a RedHat linux box, and the viewer on
a NT 4.0 box.

Anyway, here goes:

1. Is it possible to wrapper VNC through inetd? - I have 
   /etc/hosts.allow, and hosts.deny set up to allow only the machines I 
   want to connect to my unix box set up - but it seems that anyone is 
   allowed to access the vnc ports - is there any way I can stop just 
   anyone on the network accessing vnc when I'm running it?

2. I've been trying to get vnc running over ssh (I have F-Secure SSH for 
   windows) - but I'm having some problems - is there any way to force
   vnc to listen on a user-specified port? - 'cause I'll expect it to 
   start on 5901, and it'll start on 5902 - so I restart ssh, this time
   set up for port 5902, and it'll start on 5903... etc... - I'd rather 
   only have to start up one ssh session - so I'd like to either know in
   advance what port it's gonna listen on (not really likely) - or, be 
   able to tell it at the command line what port to listen on... - I'll
   be the only person using the linux box, so there shouldn't be a
   problem with something else trying to use the same port, should 
   there? (I checked what ports were being listened on with 'netstat -a'
   and there wasn't anything listening on 5801, 5901 - but when I 
   started vnc, it still started on port 5802, 5902, 6002 - does it have
   something to do with the logs? - if I delete the old logs, and 
   re-start, that seems to drop it back down to port 1).



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