VNC in a production environment William.Smargiassi "at"
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 15:55:07 +0000

I'm using it in a quasi-production environment, displaying the consoles of
our PDC, BDC and some other hardly used NT servers all on Intel. I'm using
it to display our main web server (NT Alpha) and firewall (Solaris)
remotely as well, and I do consider that production. I have yet (in the
last 5 months) to see any problems. In fact, I've seen more problems on
Win95 clients and servers, mostly to do with keyboard problems, etc. At
this point we're about to start using VNC on our NT Notes servers. We have
one Domino secure web server that has VNC on it. Management is ok with it,
considering its stability and that it lowers response time since it has
decreased the number of times we have to walk to the other building where
our servers are.

It has never screwed up an NT console. I once thought that it was
displaying incorrectly, but the console really was hosed (due to a virtual
web server process going out into the weeds). Our NT servers are probably
slightly more stable since we can monitor them more easily and notice
problems before they get out of hand.

I have not seen a WinVNC server die as a service.


Matthew Hannigan <mha73 "at"> on 07/22/98 18:30:15

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Subject:  VNC in a production environment

Does anyone on the list depend on VNC in an vital production

I am considering using VNC in production, possibly as an
additional method for remote management of NT.

Does anyone have any comments?   In particular:

1. Has the use of VNC ever reduced the stability of NT? For instance
     has it ever locked or corrupted the real console or crashed NT?
2. Has VNC ever not responded to a remote request (e.g. has it
     been known to die prematurely when run as a service)?
3. Does there exist commercial support for VNC by anyone?

and finally what is everyones subjective or objective impression of
the reliability of VNC.

Any comments welcome.

If you like, send the comments to me and I will summarise and
reply to the list.


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