Using vnc like winframe

Niels Hansa n.hansa "at"
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 15:11:27 +0000

Alexander Stigsen wrote:
> Just a question from one who have never seen WinFrame / TSE... What
> are they doing that VNC currently can't do?

Well Citrix WinFrame 1.6/1.7 or Microsoft NT Server 4.0 Terminal Edition
do essentially the same as VNC but they are multiuser.
This means not only one desktop can be accessed but many, just like
having different user log on to winNT just with a remote display
(terminal). You can have up to 25 different desktops on one WinFrame or
MS NT 4.0 TSE per cpu. VNC support currently just one single desktop to
be delivered remotely.
Therefore Winframe or MS TSE are more professional, if you like.
They support user admin, encryption (trafic and logon), server farming,
load balancing etc.

does that answer your question? ;-)


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