Using vnc like winframe

Alexander Stigsen axxion "at"
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 13:32:17 +0000

At 08:20 AM 7/22/98 -0500, you wrote:
>The original respondant was incorrect:  NT * is* multiuser, it's just 
>that most NT software does not take advantage of this.  Something like 
>Exceed gives you a few remoteable utilities.  WinFrame / Hydra (the 
>TSE) attempt to make "ordinary" NT software remoteable.  For the most 
>part, they succeed.
>But since WinFrame / TSE are doing much more than just exporting the 
>display, VNC does not currently match their capabilities.  Not that it 
>couldn't, just that it doesn't.

Just a question from one who have never seen WinFrame / TSE... What
are they doing that VNC currently can't do?

- Alexander

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