HP C100 Problem

Dieter Blumrich dblumrich "at" lucent.com
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 09:33:42 +0000

Hi VNC Community,

I want to view a vncserver window from a PC on my
HP C100 UNIX Workstation in Netscape 3.01.
Netscape starts to connect to the PC and stop 
with the following Message in the banner line:
"Applet vncviewer running". Netscape hangs up.
You can't do anything inside netscape.
The only way is to kill the netscape process.

If I do the same on an HP 715 -- it works. It works well
on Sun Solaris Machines. 

Only on HP Cxxx and HP Bxxx Machines there is this problem.
Our Systemadministrator controlled all the patches and
all OS and Kernel configurations. In his opinion it is a
vnc Problem. I don't think so but I have no idea what the 
reason is. 

Has anybody seen this problem?



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