why (Windows NT + VNC) != WinFrame

Niels Hansa n.hansa "at" online.edvg.co.at
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 11:12:53 +0000

Federico Bianchi wrote:
> Hello. I thought I might give some contribution to the Windows NT vs.
> WinFrame debate (to forewarn you all, I don't like Windows NT that much: I
> found it a brilliantly architectured, but often awfully engineered O/S)

Too bad, but true.

> First, let's denounce the myth "Windows NT is not multiuser".
> Windows NT is inherently multiuser, much like UNIX or (more appropriately)
> VMS. [...]

Thats also my opinion. MS is AFAIK trying launch an winframe-like
produkt called Hydra, which incorporated exactly the same as winframe. A
VNC-System if you like.

> As of NT 4.0, some things might probably be done, but I am not sure it
> would be worth the effort with the newer version on the horizon - while
> VNC is a magnificient piece of software (I am using it a lot day-by-day,
> so I know what I mean), I think PNG-like compression or authentication
> (what about putting the VNC engine itself in a DLL or shared library,
> BTW?) would probably be far more useful in perspective, and so would be
> new ports.

Jep... PNG and secure (encrypted) authentcation would be a great
feature, which undoubtably would make winvnc even more attractive to
sysadmins and other users, especially with the security paranoia these

thx, Niels

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