Using vnc like winframe

Uwe Bonnes bon "at"
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 15:46:49 +0000

>>>>> "Niels" == Niels Hansa <n.hansa "at"> writes:

    Niels> Hi!  I was wondering if there is any way of using winvnc like a
    Niels> winframe server.  Meaning letting ppl have their own custom
    Niels> desktop, not affecting the desktop which is displayed locally.
    Niels> We would like to use vnc like citrix winframe on dialup
    Niels> connections, but it doent make sence to have a seperate pc for
    Niels> everyone who dials in ;-)

    Niels> I suppose this is not implemented yet?

    Niels> I didnt have a chance to test vnc on a dialup, let say 28kbps,
    Niels> connection.  How is the performance there (if i restrict to 8bit
    Niels> color depth)?


that is not possible. NT is _not_ multiuser. WinFrame tries to make NT
multiuser ...


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