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Sat, 18 Jul 1998 19:13:54 +0000

>From the control menu (title bar, all the way to the left,) choose "Send 
Control-Alt-Delete."  Or, if you can use a browser, Java applet has a C-A-D 

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From:	Dr. Ehud Kaplan [SMTP:kaplane "at"]
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I know this has been discussed before, but I still have not gotten it to
work on my system.
I am running WINDOWS NT 4.0 (SP3), and installed VNC as a service, as
instructed.  My office machine has a password-protected screensaver.  When 
log onto it from my home machine, using the winVNC viewer, I am told that
the workstation is locked, and instructed to type Cntrl-Alt-Delete.  When I
do, nothing happens.  If I do it again, the local (home) machine responds 
the Cantrl-Alt-Delete.  This means I cannot use this system to log on a
remote machine which is password protected.  How do you accomplish this 
natural thing?

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